Employee Handbooks & Policies

Employers can use a variety of methods to communicate policies, procedures and work rules to employees. Employee handbooks are typically the most popular format and explain information regarding the organization's history and culture, what the employee can expect from the employer and what the employer expects of the employee.

Employee handbooks, if properly designed, are excellent tools to improve communication of policies and procedures, build more effective employee relations, enhance the image and reputation of the organization, improve productivity and minimize the organization's employment-related risks.

Performance Solutions Source will review your existing handbook, if available, and/or develop a new handbook tailored to your specific needs.

Selection and Onboarding Support

When a company makes a bad hire, studies show it costs them between 2 and 5 times the annual salary. Compounding the cost issue is the morale issue. When a new person comes in and does not integrate well with the team, it adds further pressure and distraction from otherwise productive employees. When hiring a new employee, making sure it is the right person is critical to the success of a company.

Performance Solutions Source can help improve your employee retention by partnering with you in the following areas:

Diagnostics and Assessments

The most expensive problems companies deal with today can be solved with a better understanding of the people you employ. Our assessments provide employers with information used for hiring, promoting, succession planning, 360-degree feedback programs, management development, training, motivating, improving customer service and other employment issues. Some of our more popular assessments include:

 Myers Briggs Type Indicator
 DiSC Profile
 TK Conflict Mode Instrument
 Emotional Intelligence Profile
 Customized 360° Appriasals

Performance Solutions Source is dedicated to helping you achieve employee assessments that identify the best potential candidates, conduct the appropriate training that promotes peak performance and provide executive coaching to ensure your organization excels to the highest possible levels. More detailed assessment information is available by selecting the Read More button.

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