Job Analysis and Job Descriptions

What is a Job Analysis?

Job analysis is the in-depth study of a given job to determine the duties and specific tasks that employees in that job would be expected to perform. Analyzing a job involves the determination of what tasks make up a job, the tasks’ relative importance, and what knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics (e.g., personality traits) are necessary to successfully carry out those tasks. Results from job analysis studies typically yield both job descriptions and lists of knowledge, skills, abilities and other attributes that may be required of individuals who perform these jobs.

Why Conduct a Job Analysis?

The Job Analysis is the systematic process of collecting relevant, work-related information as to the nature, scope and responsibilities of jobs. As a result of job analysis, you will gain a greater understanding of and be able to document the knowledge, skills and abilities, and other factors required to successfully perform a job. Job analysis is the foundation upon which job descriptions are written and defines job content. Job content describes a jobs essential functions. It is a tool that will enable you to price jobs in the market and ensure improved compliance with various employment-related laws such as the American with Disabilities Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act.

What then are Job Descriptions?

Job Descriptions document and summarize the most important features of a job, including a description of the essential functions of the work that details the required knowledge, skills, abilities, responsibilities and reporting structure. The mental and physical requirements of the job are also included that typically are required to perform the essential functions of the job for American with Disability Act considerations. The job description should also indicate the exempt or non-exempt status of the job. Like the job analysis, job descriptions are important tools for your organization and serve a multitude of purposes beneficial to both you and your employees including job evaluation, selection, recruitment, HR Planning, training, safety, compensation and performance appraisal.

Performance Solutions Source will assist your organization to solicit feedback from job incumbents to analyze jobs and create well-documented job descriptions intended to comply with today's best practices. We can also determine the most appropriate method to conduct the job evaluation process and determine the relative internal worth of jobs for your organization.

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