Orientation Programs

Why an Orientation Program?

We know that employee turnover is expensive and that it is important to retain valuable employees. One necessity in ensuring that your business has a successful retention program is to evaluate your orientation strategy. Is your orientation strategy creating the desired results? Is it decreasing turnover? It is easy to understand that adapting to an unfamiliar work environment is one of the largest challenges encountered by a new hire. It is important to remember that an orientation program's purpose is to help new hires overcome their fears, fit into the workforce, and become productive employees.

The orientation period is also the time for new employees to acclimate to their new roles and responsibilities and for an organization to welcome them into the organization. This is a crucial element for organizational success because it sets expectations for the employee and defines the standard by which future performance and results will be measured. It also sets the stage for individual accountability, establishes lines of communication and introduces the employee to the organizational culture and environment. In most instances this period lasts anywhere from 60 to 90 days. The set up of the training and orientation period impacts the daily operations of new employee and existing employees.

What we do:

 By conducting an assessment of your existing orientation period, we will help you identify how you
 are currently communicating performance expectations to new employees, and identify any
 challenges that may be occurring during the period of acclimation
 Performance Solutions Source will assist in the development of performance assessment tools
 tailored to your organizational need which will help you monitor and address the performance
 and behavior you expect to see within your new employee pool
 Performance Solutions Source will help you create a continuing education and training plan for all
 new employees based on their individual strengths and weaknesses
 Performance Solutions Source will work with you to identify mentors and coaches that can assist
 in providing continuous support to all new employees during this period

In additon to helping you design an employee orientation program or fine tune an existing approach, Performance Solutions Source also offers a training solution that will provide you with the neccessary tools to develop an effective new employee orientation program.

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