Performance Management

Why Performance Management?

Performance Management is a systematic and data-oriented approach to managing people in your organization to achieve exemplary results. A solid performance management system is a valuable process that should provide a framework for meeting or exceeding organizational goals. Performance management systems should be aligned to the strategic goals, cascading across your organization and linked to actual job content and job specifications to maximize your return on investment (ROI). All of our work is customized to meet your specific objectives and provide the greatest value for your investment.

In a study of 437 publicy traded companies, the University of Chicago's Graduate School of Business showed that companies with programs to manage their employees significantly outperformed those that did not have such programs in a wide range of financial and productivity measures. Furthermore, those companies who trailed in thier industry showed signifcant improvement in their business results after implementing a program to focus employee's attention on performance and to reward achievement. Specifically, those companies with a performance management system in place reported:

 Higher profits, better cash flows and higher stock value
 Significant gains in financial performance and productivity
 Higher sales growth per employee
 Lower real growth in numbers of employees

We can help you create or fine-tune your performance appraisal or performance management system into one that incorporates all best practices, reflects the culture of your organization and provides real value for your investment. Our approach includes partnering with your organization to:

 Identify the core competencies expected of all members of the organization
 Create performance appraisal forms, policy statements, and administrative materials
 Design and implement the formal system
 Create a communications strategy that assures organization-wide acceptance
 Integrate the new system with all other training and management development efforts
 Design training materials and conduct training programs for appraisers
 Develop a formal measurement plan to assess the effectiveness of the new system

In additon to helping you design a performance management approach or fine tune an existing approach, Performance Solutions Source also offers training solutions that will improve the ability of managers to maximize the results obtained from performance appraisals.

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