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What Performance Solutions Source, LLC offers
Performance Solutions Source allows you to align your workforce to corporate objectives, evaluate individual performance, measure employees and retain key staff. We will help you establish a best practice performance management process that fits your culture and workforce. We offer customized consulting, performance management, training and human resources services that will embed within your organization a high performance orientation.

Performance Management Solutions

Monitoring and measuring the performance of individual members of staff and teams is crucial to building a successful organization. Performance Management is creating a culture to align business strategy with individual performance, resulting in a better quality product or service. High performance results begin with linking strategic objectives to indiviudal results. Performance Solutions Source delivers process improvement results and change management strategies to align and communicate your company's goals to measurable results. Our performance management solutions can help you to continue to measure and evaluate your results with balanced score cards and effective appraisal systems. Performance Solutions Source also provides Executive Coaching, Development Coaching and Performance Coaching solutions to further drive your results. Our PSS coaches have counseling and psychology backgrounds and are skilled at identifying the behaviors and attitudes which can be shaped to drive superior performance and improved organizational relationships.

Training Solutions
All companies have one thing in common - they survive and thrive by creating and maintaining satisfied customers through their people. Performance Solutions Source understands the importance of awakening, developing and rewarding the greatness of a company's people through training and development. With our experience and expertise in leadership, management employee and team development, we work with your company to achieve your goals.Tailored to your organization, our training programs are offered in all of today’s most effective modalities - from straightforward online learning to complex blends that include classroom training, virtual learning and eLearning.  Performance Solutions Source is often able to assist clients with securing funding to offset the cost of training.

Human Resources Solutions
Performance Solutions Source provides essential human resource consulting services for US businesses, non-profits and government entities. We're proud of the outstanding value-added service that we provide to our clients. Because we're confident that you will recognize the value that we provide, we offer you a free initial consultation with no further commitment. Our human resources portfilio includes selection and onboarding support to improve your employee retention by reducing turnover.  We will partner with you to develop job descriptions, employee handbooks and policies for your organization.  Our employee assessment experts can assist with your interviewing and screening process, as well as help you develop an effective employee orientation program to support your new hires. 

Our customized solutions ensure that you will see the bottom line results our clients expect. Contact us at Performance Solutions Source or call 561-307-6954 for additional information.