Additional Performance Management Solutions

Process Improvement Solutions
Many companies focus on increasing their employees productivity while cutting internal costs, such as salaries. However, in most cases, workers' idle time and salary offer little opportunity for improvement. The next area in which many companies cut costs are with their vendors and suppliers. This also returns very little to the bottom line. Suppliers can only be squeezed so much before you are no longer a valued customer. Does any of this sound familiar?

The real key to profitability and growth is through the development and implementation of smooth, efficient processes.

Performance Solutions Source works with clients to eliminate waste (time, money, materials, etc), increase throughput and improve overall operations management. By utilizing a Six Sigma approach, clients can increase net profits and customer loyalty, improve employee moral and reduce costs. We identify and prioritize process improvement initiatives in all company departments.  Workflows are analyzed, policies and procedures are evaluated and opportunities to create greater efficiency are identified.  PSS professionals engage your staff in process improvement initiatives from the development of concepts to delivery.  We develop methods for measuring, monitoring and controlling adherence to approved processes.

Performance Solutions Source uses process improvement tools leveraged from Six Sigma methodologies to maximize the impact of a new implementation. Our consultants will:

 Document the efficiency and functionality of your critical processes
 Identify the changes needed to simplify, accelerate and control these processes
 Pinpoint and isolate problems, bottlenecks and opportunity areas through SIPOC analysis
 Address short-term issues through targeted interview sessions with key stake holders
 Create detailed analysis of process and data flows for improvement or redesign
 Align process results to BPC design objectives

Performance Solutions Source also offers training solutions for organizations looking to leverage process improvement techniques.

Balanced Scorecard Development

Research suggests that world-class companies are 159% more likely to have advanced Balanced Scorecards in place. The Balanced Scorecard is a strategic planning and management system used to align business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization, to improve internal and external communications and to monitor organizational performance against strategic goals. Performance Solutions Source provides a full range of Balanced Scorecard training and consulting services to help organizations improve their strategic focus and develop effective performance management and measurement systems.

Our Balanced Scorecard training and consulting services include:

 Training on developing and implementing the Balanced Scorecard
 Consulting and coaching on building the Balanced Scorecard
 Consultancy and coaching on integrating the Balanced Scorecard with your strategy
 Consulting and coaching on determining targets and monitoring results
 Reviewing the effectiveness of the Balanced Scorecard

We customize our services according to your organization's unique needs through:

 Detailed diagnosis of your improvement needs
 A results-oriented approach
 Integrated training and consulting
 In-depth training and application of the most useful strategies
 On-site coaching and facilitation
 Guaranteed results and improvement

Change Management Solutions

Change is nothing new, but the pace and enormity of change that business and governments are facing today can make it difficult to keep everyone and everything moving ahead together. Performance Solutions Source helps organizations - and their people - adjust to change, whether it is a technology system that requires training, processes that need integrating into existing work habits or a strategic direction that depends on the understanding and support of stakeholders. We bring practical experience with a good blend of knowledge, up-to-date theory and technical expertise to apply to your unique situation.

Organizational Change Management (OCM) consists of two main components: the technical side and the people side of change. The people side of change is often more challenging because it requires a change in behavior to produce desired results. Motivating people in the organization to give up their current way of doing things – the very things they understand, are used to, and are comfortable with – and to start doing things in a completely new way is difficult.

Performance Solutions Source delivers advanced and innovative change management services that help our clients prepare for and manage complex business, organizational and workforce change in a market that is evolving at an accelerated pace. We leverage distinctive, data-driven assets to increase the certainty of successful organizational change.

Our holistic approach encompasses change planning; stakeholder engagement and communications; change measurement and organizational readiness; organizational culture; change sustainability; and training and performance support.

We also offers training solutions for organizations that are implementing organizational changes.

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