Leadership Development

Why Leadership Development?

Numerous in-depth studies have reached the same conclusion: organizations that invest in leadership development perform better than those that don’t. Studies show investments in leadership development:

 Improve bottom-line financial performance
 Attract and retain talent
 Drive a performance culture
 Increase organizational agility

Performance Solutions Source is dedicated to developing and delivering leadership training that results in improved organizational performance.

As leaders set the tone and model behavior for the entire organization, it is imperative to identify their needs for continued growth and development.  Our professionals work closely with an organization’s leaders to develop a progressive training program to meet those needs.  This training is for your current leaders or for developing new leaders.  Leaders learn to:

 Model the way and learn how to set the example for your entire organization
 Clarify values and goals
 Inspire a shared vision and enlist others to contribute to that vision
 Encourage others to act:  foster collaboration, motivate and empower others
 Provide emotional support and recognize contributions
 Prepare for and adapt to change

Performance Solutions Source offers classroom style leadership training programs as well as custom designed training programs to meet your needs. Our programs enable participants to grow and manage change through learning, gaining insight about themselves and then practice the new techniques and skills. All of these activities create greater success and confidence in one's self. Our trainers have extensive experience in designing and delivering training programs that meet the needs of visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning preferences. We support our training services using our consulting expertise. Some of our most popular leadership courses are listed below. Contact us at Performance Solutions Source or call 561-307-6954 for additional information.

Situational Leadership

Situational Leadership is a powerful, yet flexible model that enables leaders to diagnose the variables of any given situation and adapt their management styles to the behavioral needs of the individual or group they are trying to influence. No other technique has emerged over the years as effective and as remarkably consistent as the situational leadership approach to building leaders throughout virtually every category of business and industry. Upon completion of this training, leaders will be able to:

  • - Assess employees’ individual levels of competency and commitment
  • - Decide on the most effective leadership style to match each employee task
  • - Develop a plan to discuss situations with the employees and improve results

Conflict Management for Leaders

Using the Thomas-Killmann Conflict Mode Instrument, participants will explore their own tendencies in handling conflict situations and learn to recognize tendencies in others.  They will identify ways that they can improve their effectiveness as individuals. Upon completion of this training program, leaders will be able to:

  • - Identify thier personal conflict-handling style
  • - Identify the dimensions of conflict
  • - Evaluate the impact of the use of the different conflict management styles

Critical Thinking for Leaders

Critical Thinking: Smarter Decision Making for Leaders is designed specifically for business leaders to improve their ability to consider and analyze information, opinions or issues. You will learn a simple process to recognize the objective and subjective basis of any given issue or position. In doing so, you will learn to make smarter decisions by improving your problem solving abilities. Upon completion of this training program, leaders will be able to:

  • - Define critical thinking and its role in your success
  • - Describe the types of reasoning and fallacies
  • - Explain the RED critical thinking model

Leadership and Your Myers-Briggs Type

This one day program is designed to ensure that leaders like you are equiped with the skills, tools and mindset to bring out the best in yourself. The program includes your personalized Myers-Briggs Type profile to make Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types understandable and useful in everyday life. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of your leadership style and strategies for enhancing your own performance. But it isn’t just about you: you’ll also discover ways to work with staff differences and explore how to get the best out of your team. Upon completion of this training, leaders will be able to:

  • - Identify where you focus your attention, the way you take in information and how you make decisions
  • - Recognize your natural strengths, motivations and your potential areas for growth
  • - Recognize and appreciate the contributions made by those who differ from you

Change Management

The pressures on organizations to change will only increase over the next decades.  Yet the method leaders have used in the attempt to transform their companies into stronger competitors routinely fall short.  Understanding your employees’ individual reactions to change will help you plan and prepare for change in your organization. At the completion of this training, you wil be able to:

  • - Recognize the stages and steps in the change process
  • - Identify your strengths and weaknesses using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • - Learn how to structure organizational change according to the strengths of employees
  • - Design a plan of action to develop, implement and evaluate change

Building Improved Relationships with DiSC

Effective leadership requires relationship-building. Leaders, managers and supervisors need to take more responsibility in building and managing their relationships. DISC training is relationship management training. It's about taking the leadership role in resolving conflict and transforming working relationships into partnerships. At the completion of training, leaders will be able to:

  • - Identify your DISC style
  • - Explain characteristics of other DISC styles
  • - Understand how to communicate effectively with each style

Negotiating for Improved Results

This one day negotiations skills workshop covers the key skills, knowledge and processes required for planning, preparing and executing a collaborative negotiation effectively. The workshop is designed to increase your capability to move from simple bargaining to multi-dimensional agreements which deliver for all parties and give the delegates the confidence to engage in what may previously have been “daunting” negotiations. At the completion of training, leaders will be able to:

  • - Identify the different types of negotiations common in your role
  • - Identify the 5 steps of the negotiations process and best practices involved in each step
  • - Apply new knowledge and tools to successfully negotiate win-win outcomes for real-life situations

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

Understanding and improving the connection between emotions and actions is crucial to business and personal success. Without such insights, even seemingly successful relationships may be courting disaster. Emotional intelligence (EI) and emotional intelligence training are very hot topics in today’s workplace. Now you can actually develop and enhance the skills that will positively impact your work—and in doing so, tap into a whole new level of achievement in your career. . At the completion of training, leaders will be able to:

  • - Describe the relationship between emotional intelligence competence and leadership
  • - Analyze your current level of emotional intelligence and style
  • - Create an action plan to further develop your emotional intelligence competence